Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Air Force 1

it has been one helluva day. This bad boy flew over my house earlier. the walls were rumbling, so i first thought, "oh no it's the earthquake that's supposed to swallow california!" but then i ran outside and saw this zooming past me. I knew he was in the area(in fact, he was doing a town hall meeting across the street from my school) but it's incredible that i had the opportunity to be in such close proximity. Imagine being able to fly like the prez, too. you're over one house headed to LAX in a jet and then 20 minutes later you're flying past the same house in an army helicopter! that is koo koo bananas right there.

anyway, i'm STRUGGLING with this new project i'm working on. pictures later.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

reconfiguring some things

I'm proud to present my new cork board! I cut out my favorite little japanese girls from Fruits and stuck them up for inspiration. I only wish I have the nerve to wear all black all the time. I also have wedding & luncheon invites, postcards, reminders, pictures of friends and family, etc. ya know, your standard cork board. I painted it though so it would match the furniture in my room.

and this is my wonderful little bedroom corner.
it is my favorite place. that's the stuffed elephant andrea made for me for my birthday. I got some new pillows from IKEA, too.

i'm just excited everything is all clean!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I've decided that I needed to create a blog to document pictures of all my latest creations, purchases and adventures! I mean, I've had blogs before, but never one like how I hope this will be. also, a few girls have some glorious photo journals and I would love to be apart of it.

so! with that being said, we'll see how this goes.

I am perpetually in awe of Diane Keaton. I love her style, personality, everything. It's inspiring to me that she never compromised her fashion sense or gave into the "lady-like" stereotypes of an actress. Even so, she looks like a real woman without being too fussy and done up. It's just a natural perfection.