Thursday, April 30, 2009

this is my new hair! my wonderful hair-stylist friend Rachel cut it for me last night after a nasty bout of split ends. yuck! my hair grows really fast and it's so easy to let it get to that point. You know those Garnier(i think) commercials where the girls can tie there hair in a knot? that's what I want to be able to do! anywho, now it's super silky and I can't stop touching it.

this is something I haven't posted a picture of yet, but here it is. I did it quite a while back but I've been busy with this other project i'm working on.
I've been toying with the idea of doing a whole series of them, including a pair of them as an engagement present! One of my best friends Andrea is marrying a pretty great guy named Dave this time next year.

I was thinking about doing a post strictly about andrea and her amazing personal style, as well as her INSANELY amazing room+sitting room. it's in the works.

Anyway that's all for now. I have to start getting ready for work! tomorrow: crafting party at Marleigh's house. heyo!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am having the most horrible case of procrastination when it comes to my etsy. i've set it all up, but have yet to post anything on it. i blame it on work,school,etc. but really it's just me being too lazy to go get my tape measurer. oh, me! I think this week may be the week that i finally get the ball rolling.

I have a good number of buttons and soon-to-be-completed plaques(like the cap'n on the left) so i'm feeling pretty good about quantity, albeit a little afeared that they aren't going to live up to the glorious things I find on Etsy. I also haven't shown this blog to any of my friends. It feels silly writing to myself and posting these things to no one, but once I have a good thing going, I'll let everyone in on it.


My newest project has been really amazing and different from what i'm used to doing. I've started working with my friends Rachel and Brettto make a collection of painting/poster type things to promote there band, the Sweet Happy Band.

i'll post a picture and about it once i actually take a picture of it. haha. i really wish i had a nice new camera instead of this little one. i guess i have a nice one, but it's really only for when i do wedding photography and not easily accessible. sigh.

ALSO! i absolutely, positively cannot wait for June. my schedule goes as follows:

June 12th: Neko Case @ The Greek Theatre
June 19th: Grizzly Bear @ The Wiltern
June 20th: Leave for San Francisco
June 21st: Grizzly Bear @ The Fillmore
June 22nd: Return home :(
June 23rd: Wilco @ The Wiltern
June 25th: "Found" party

i'm so very excited to be seeing all of my favorite bands jam-packed into one week! if only neil young was worked into there somehow, i could die happy. I also learned that next summer i'm going to Italy! i've never traveled outside of the states, so this should be a treat. I foresee some great things on the horizon :)

have a good day!