Saturday, May 9, 2009

Books + Lanterns

----OC Swapmeet
today i had my first saturday off in ages. i decided to take this opportunity to go explore the orange county swapmeet with my buddy Arin. Sadly, it didn't have a ton to offer but there was a nice little section of new and used books that i pounced on!
here's one of my favorites that i got:

here's a wonderful love poem that Hearst wrote about Davies:

oh, the night is blue and the stars are bright
like the eyes of the girl of whom I write
and the day is a glimmer of golden light
like the locks of the girl of whom I write
and the skies are soft and the clouds are white
like the limbs of the girl of whom I write
but no beauty of earth is so fair a sight
as the girl who lies by my side at night

what a weird courtship it was, as she was 16 and he was 58 when they first started dating. she seemed to lead the most glamorous, full life.I just can't imagine being friends with norma shearer and clark gable.

----Miss Dior
Last christmas, I made the decision to switch perfumes from my tried and true "Miss Dior Cherie" to Marc Jacob's "Daisy". I like Daisy, but turns out I don't adore it as much as Miss Dior. when i find this out is of course when i run out of it..until! swapmeet '09 trip prevailed! AND it was only 40 bucks!


Yesterday was the 5th annual Murufest,which is a festival that my friend Michelle Murufas and her younger brother Paul thought up that has grown to epic proportions. 6 amazing bands played and we even managed to get "We Love Long Beach" and "The Ice Cream Man" to show up to BBQ and give out free ice cream! I went to the 99 cent store in search of some lanterns for it and found the best ones ever. the bulbs inside even twinkle! look!

I now use them above my desk and they add a little zazz i think. haha.

----Griffith Observatory

i managed to get pictures from my trip to the griffith observatory in LA with my dads side of the family. these are my siblings!

with my dad being a photographer and all,you'd think he'd remember to take his camera to family events? nope, never.he always leaves it at home...and coincidently on the most beautiful day ever! we badgered him until he opted for a little disposable camera. i absolutely love how they came out, too. i love the graininess and how happy we all were. i miss them a lot.

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